Introducing Our New and Improved Online Powerlifting Coaching Program for Beginner and Experienced Lifters!

From: John Gaglione, Strength Coach & Owner Gaglione Strength

Re: Online Powerlifting Coaching Program

Dear Friend,

Do you frequently find yourself wishing there was an easy way to get Strategies and Techiniques before going into a Meet?

Do you wonder if it’s actually possible to add to a PR quickly?

Have you ever wondered why everyone says how it’s so easy to throw more weight on but nobody seems to have safe and dependable strategy?

I Totally Understand.

It’s not your fault, you’ve probably heard a million opinions and got a ton of “free advice” (usually worth about what you pay for it) and you’re more confused than ever…

That’s OK. This is what I do, so help is on the way.

IT IS Possible to Unlock Your Potential and We Have Strategies and Techniques to Help!

No Matter if You Are A Beginner or An Experienced Lifter

You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on Powerlifting and spend HOURS going to gym, watching YouTube videos, and actually go out and DO this stuff like I have.


Become a member of my Online Powerlifting Coaching Program where I will condense down everything I’ve learned about strategies and techinques in developing strength and power.

NO fluff and NO B.S. Just the raw information and systems you need to help become a Better Lifter.

Here's What Included In Your Powerlifting Online Coaching Program:

  • Free 30 minute Phone Consultation (see below to sign up)
  • Technique Assessment for the Squat, Bench and Deadlift
  • Customized Program for your goals and weak points
  • Online access for monitoring your progress and regulating the program through our digital platform
  • Meet Strategy for Warm Ups and Projected Attempts
  • $85 off 3 month Program for first 10 people who sign up and accepted into the program

How do I get started?

Still wondering if this is the right program for you? The Powerlifting Online Coaching program was designed to be a risk free way to give it a try. You have no risk and nothing to lose.

Schedule your free 30 Minute Phone Consultation with me to learn more about Powerlifting Online Coaching Program and see if it’s right for you.

$85 off 3 Month Program for First 10 People Who Sign Up and Accepted into the Program.

In addition to our normal promotions we also offering  an 8 Week Program & Coaching Package you can EARN FOR FREE!

Only 5 spots open for this offer! Sign up for your Consult to Learn More if you are eligible for this option!

Gaglione Powerlifting Application!

Please complete the application below to set up an initial 30 Minute Phone* Consultation. 

Once Submitting your Information please pick a time using our online scheduler for your consultation at the bottom of this page!

Please do so AFTER completing this application FIRST!

*If you are outside the US please provide your Skype Username in the Phone Number field instead!

Thank you!

Learn how these women used strength training to transform their physiques and mindset

Learn how this Father used powerlifting to get back into his athletic form!

"If someone would have told me that in only one year of training with coach Gaglione that I would place on the national ranking list for squat in my weight class , that I'd be benching 170 pounds for reps and deadlifting 320 pounds , I'd say they were delusional! But here I am after only one year of following coach Gaglione's powerlifting program and my progress has been remarkable. Although I have always been into fitness and have done weight training in the past for many years I, like most females have never done any sort of bench pressing and had no idea how to deadlift with proper form. When I decided to start powerlifting I was 39 years old and it was important for me to be able to do a program that wouldn't leave me strapped to a wheel chair each week. I found his programming to be very suitable in the fact that it gradually progressed my strength each cycle without leaving me feeling completely wiped out and hurting. I believe that my great progress can be attributed to the fact that I am completely dedicated to training and following coach Gaglione's program. I am looking forward to continuing powerlifting and anxious to see what the future holds for me in this sport!"

- Laura Paul

Who Is John Gaglione?

John Gaglione is a strength coach out of Long Island, New York. John trains people from all walks of life at his facility located in Farmingdale New York. He specializes in improving maximal strength for athletes and “average joes”. He coaches a powerlifting team of over 40 people and has helped over 50 lifters nationally ranked in their respective weight class and division.

John has written many strength and conditioning articles for major online publications such as Men’s Health, Elite Fitness Systems, Testosterone Nation, One Result and is the author of Powerlifting for the People and the Powerlifting Handbook. He has been a featured speaker at several schools including Cortland and Hofstra University for their exercise science programs.

An avid strength athlete John also has a lot of “under the bar experience” and has competed in the sport of powerlifting for over a decade. He has best competition lifts of an 900 Squat, 575 Bench and a 660 deadlift.